reverse oil painting on 9 acrylic glass plates / animation: pencil drawings //
Hinterglasmalerei /Öl, Acrylglas, Holzrahmen / Animation: Bleistift-Zeichnung
LCD screen, 50x460cm


The sentence “It is so good that you are here” is painted reverse on the backside of the acrylic glass plates.

The three-dimensional words seem to float in an undefined space behind the transparent surface. The middle plate has a ”hole” which looks like breathed in an iced window. From the distance the viewer recognizes the huge words and when he comes near he can watch through the hole a tiny man who is permanently running. This little man - half child, half adult - appears also in other pieces of my work. He is everybody like you and me, searching for his luck. The animation of the running man I made from pencil drawings. Together with the sentence grows the question where we belong to or what we are searching for. Stay or Go. Here or There. What is the sense of life. Why are we here.